We Buy:

» Multi Family Properties: Senior & Student Housing 

» Retail Properties- Single Tenant - Class A&B

» Health Care Properties: Medical Offices & Facilities

» Net Lease Properties - Investment Grade Tenants Only

Our Process Is Simple!

» 48 Hour Analysis Period

» Offers Submitted Within 72 Hours

» Simple And Streamlined Process

» 30- 45 Day Closing 

What We Buy

We ONLY Purchase Income Producing Commercial Properties that are at least 85% Occupied Or Higher.

We have No Interest in under performing or distress properties.

Where We Buy

We purchase properties Nationwide excluding Alaska and the Southeast coastal areas.

As with most things, there are exceptions. Submit your properties for a fast evaluation. 

How Do We Buy?

We typically make Full Price Offers and rely on our underwriters to validate the value of a property.
We are 100% income investors and a typical transaction would consist of one or a combination of the following:

  1. All Cash Purchases
  2. Cash plus debt assumption.

Our Investing Model

We invest exclusively in Income Producing Commercial Properties from
$3M-to $65M .
The property's value is determined exclusively by the property's income.

Our Initial Offers are Full Price subject to our pre underwriting process.
We do not fix and flip. We invest and hold.

Submission Process

Our submission process is very streamlined. We can determine whether to move on a property within 24 to 48 hours.

Check out our guidelines page for property guidelines, the submission process and the next steps.

Brokers And Agents

We view Realtors and Brokers as essential facilitators for our acquisitions. We require all submitting parties to register with us prior to submitting any properties to us. This is done to eliminate confusion. When a property is submitted by different agents, the first agent will be the agent of record.

Multi Family Properties

We buy multifamily properties. Multifamily includes Garden Apartments, High Rise Apartments, Senior Housing, Student Housing, Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

We have no interest in any under performing or distress properties.  Properties must be at least 85% occupied and either a Class A, Or B properties. 

Why Work With Us

We are actual income investors and we are only interested in income properties.

We know what we want, we have the resources to close and we won't waste your time nor will we waste our time on deals we are not interested in.

We look to build long term relationships so we make sure everyone is paid for their efforts.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the value of any property is based on the actual revenue that property generates. For this reason, when we purchase properties we are actually purchasing income rather than real estate.

This allows us to quickly determine the value of a property based on it's actual income rather than appraisals, pro-formas and sales comparables. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Are Saying

To be honest, I didn't expect you guys to deliver and to perform the way you did. I was expecting the typical sales process and delays.  Your streamlined process makes it easy for any Seller to get multiple offers.
I 'm amazed that you operate so under the radar. Fast, Quietly and Efficiently .

J. Hawkins- Georgia

As a wholesaler, I am use to negotiating the sales price and looking for the best price. Its really nice to know that there are Full Price Buyers like you in the market. You have helped me to take my investing game to a new level. I love the way you qualify the properties . It makes so much sense now that I understand .
4 Sales to you in 3 months. This is like heaven to me. Thanks Guys!

D. Richmond- Orlando, Florida


These guys are fast, through and efficient . I thought I knew all the tricks but I was wrong. I enjoyed doing business with you and look to working with you again.

C. Wright- Atlanta, Ga.

Thanks Guys! You made my year with your fast closing!

J.Wells, Orlando, Fl

I really was glad to receive a "full price"offer and a 32 day closing. Totally amazing. You guys did exactly what you said you would do.

James Wright - Lawrenceville, GA
Retired USMC


Call us today at 267.536.9468 or email acquisitions@tristateincomepropertybuyer.com

Contact us if you have you have any questions or concerns.


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We purchase income producing commercial properties. We are not Realtors or Wholesalers.

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